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The logos of the companies above are trademarks of the individual companies. IIPTA only illustrates with pride that our students are placed with the global companies some of which are mentioned above.

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Our #1 priority is you, the client. We believe in our service and hold ourselves to high quality standards. We truly care about your career as much as you do! Which is why we offer the best job interview support service. In addition, IIPTA constantly gives job alerts in your inbox.

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Incredible Features: Career Mastery is loaded with Useful Features

Technical & Job skills

We have designed curriculum and time table in such manner that equal time is spent on developing technical and job skills.


Employers just want that young people applying for job have strong foundation skills and deploy their knowledge to solve problems, take initiative and communicate with team members, rather than just follow prescribed routines.

Job & Career Support

Our platform gives opportunity to learn skills to get good job, redesign resume, build long term career and have better life.


We assist you to do career planning, build functional resume, learn to network, guidelines to appear in interview etc. This all helps you move to next level in your career.

Client Support

Our team works to help you at every possible level – how to study, getting living accommodation, improving class performance etc.


Our support team is always available for conversation with you and solves your queries/ questions. We appreciate all types of feedbacks, complaints and suggestions.

IP Career Mastery: Not a Degree, but the Right Skill

Do you have M. Sc/ M.Pharma/ B.Tech/ LLB or PhD degree but still can’t understand which skills you need to get job? We do not provide degree but our curriculum is designed to give you skill which industry requires. We not only teach you IP Technical Skills but you need to do industrial project in set deadline and learn core employability skills – communication, teamwork, leadership, presentation skills etc.

Skills for world of work

Endless Possibilities: Cloud Campus Learning

IIPTA cloud Campus lets you study at your own pace. It gives you power to do online assignments, evaluation tests, practice papers, watch online tutorials, practical demonstrations, interact with industry experts and track your progress.

cloudcampus screenshot

Building right skill and turning it into better job and life

We understand skill requirement and integrate desired skills needed by companies .Course philosophy is inspired by Skill Report 2014 by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and OECD Skill Maps.

Learning to learn

Learning to Learn Skills

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

team work

Team Work

Problem Solving

Problem – Solving

personality development

Personality Development Skills

Career Goal

Building Career Goals

Job Searching

Job Searching Skills

resume writing

Resume Writing Skills

Interview Skills

Interviewing skills

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Long Term Career Planning and Mentoring

You have degrees and still lacking in setting your professional growth map? We guide you not to just get job but do career planning.

Career Option in IPR

Mastery of IP Fundamentals : Updated Knowledge

Book Covers for IP Career Mastery program
Companies need you to be ready on the first day of your work. IIPTA has the best-in-class practical training in a non-traditional, yet technology-based environment consisting of case studies, simulations, case law analysis, projects, interactive lectures etc.

  • Basic Concepts of IP
  • Patent Law : India, US, Europe and China
  • Trademark Law : India
  • E-Filing : Patent and Trademark
  • Working with Patent and Trademark Office
  • Patent Searching
  • Prior Art Analysis
  • Patentability Analysis
  • Infringement Analysis

Client’s Reviews: We love to extend all our support to fulfill client’s needs.

We work to provide platform where companies who require IP Professionals and people who wish to make career in IP can meet, network and grow. Check out what our clients are saying about us.

“WOW – We got the right talent and skills needed for job to be done.”

I am happy that we are able to recruit people who not only have IP knowledge but are passionate to make their career in IP. They have right skill and energy needed to drive our organization.”
– Instaquest, Noida

I bought this course and I would like to recommend it to everyone who is fresher and wanted to start his career in area of patent practice. Comprehensive study material was provided by institute and they helped in building confidence to appear for interview. Faculties were helpful at each step and gave immense knowledge about IP.
Vikramjeet, Delhi
I have completed engineering in biotechnology and was looking for career other than research, which can use my skill set. I am thankful to IIPTA team for guiding me to start my career. Course provided the right skill set needed to qualify the interview. After taking training from IIPTA, I became aware of career opportunities in IPR and am planning to uptake further studies in IP.
Araushi Gupta, Noida
I am thankful to IIPTA for helping me start my career in patent industry. They helped me search companies having job openings and send me in resume. Faculties guided me at every step to prepare my technical portfolio of patent analytics report. I enjoyed learning application of IP in commerce and performing technology landscaping.
Prableen Kaur, Chandigarh
IIPTA Job Portal Service is the most easiest way to stay in touch with job openings in IPR sector.IIPTA Job Portal offer an amazing service and I couldn’t be happier! They are dedicated to helping recruiters find great candidates, wonderful service! I am thankful for getting good mentoring and right job opportunity. Besides, I enjoyed learning on cloud campus. Cloud Campus helped me track my marks of each assignments and improve.
Ritesh Vishwakarma
I completed my graduation in biotechnology and looking to learn skills which can help me in my career. I never knew that IP has great application in research and development. Learning about prior art searching and technology landscaping was fun! I really enjoyed practical sessions most. I am planning to go for higher studies and looking forward to use skills learnt in making my career in research.